Aircraft construction

Aircraft construction

A wide range

The aeronautics industry is characterised by the great diversity of parts required to construct an aeroplane, helicopter or related equipment: metal or composite frame, electronic components, electrical systems, hydraulics and various equipment and materials.

Sofame has an extensive range of workstations and trolleys that meet the many needs of aircraft construction. Our range meets the standards required in terms of sturdiness, durability, safety of goods and people, versatility, productivity, quality and construction safety.

Examples of use

  • Civil aeronautics industry
  • Military aeronautics industry
  • Aerospace industry

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Trades involved

  • Avionics and engine technician
  • Fitter, assembler, wiring technician, assembly picker, electronics engineer, electrician, painter, welder, aviation sheet metal worker
  • Aeronautics parts manufacturer
  • Engine manufacturer
  • Frame technician
  • Aerodynamicist
  • Composite technician
  • Machinist
  • Lathe operator
  • Milling machine operator
  • Pipe fitter
  • Composite lay-up technician
  • Aircraft structure assembler
  • Flight test technician
  • Aeronautics maintenance technician

Lean manufacturing & adaptability

The versatility of the workstations and their equipment make it easy to apply lean manufacturing methods, specifically the 5S approach currently used in the aeronautics industry. These workstations help to noticeably improve and optimise the workplace safety and wellbeing of constructors’ employees, enable more efficient actions and effort, organise just-in-time production and manage tools to avoid losing them.

In addition to workstations, Sofame has storage units that fit with lean manufacturing and 5S principles.

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