Workstations and workbenches

SOFAME is the industrial workstation expert. Practicality, ergonomics, flexibility, versatility, quality and reliability are our  watchwords when designing workstations to be used in the manufacturing industry by people who design, process, manufacture and assemble products.

In addition to the workstation’s surface, Sofame designs and manufactures accessories to keep tools and components needed by the operator to perform its work, and to create optimal comfort and efficiency conditions. We also offer technical furniture units to manage upstream and downstream flows, with trolleys and storage solutions in a huge number of possible combinations.

Production management is now becoming more digital, and therefore our workstations are made to welcome IT equipment either on accessory supports or on dedicated workstations. Sofame offers products to suit all needs in this area.

Lastly, companies are increasingly concerned about workplace conditions and ergonomics for their operators. Sofame designs height-adjustable workstations that meet the most stringent ergonomics standards to suit each user, work situation and  activity.

Most industrial companies can find the right product for their workers in Sofame’s standard catalogue. However, Sofame aims to cater for specific workstation needs. That is why, in addition to our standard range, we offer bespoke alterations to standard products and fully-customised workstations designs to meet needs and requirements of our clients.