Luxury industry – Watchmaking

Luxury industry – Watchmaking

Specific constraints

Sofame regularly makes workstation equipment for the luxury watchmaking, jewellery and goldsmithing industries such as precision machining workstations and proper watchmaking workstations.

One of the difficulties encountered in this trade is the tiny size of the parts being assembled. This means the work surfaces must be designed to ensure those parts cannot be lost, given their cost and fragile nature. Cleverly placed raised lips and grooves respond exactly to this need.

Another difficulty is the fact that watchmakers often work in a standing or semi-standing position. Therefore, work surfaces are often at a reasonably high level so the watchmaker can have their eye and magnifying glass close to the watch or jewellery being made while keeping their back in an ergonomic position.

Examples of use

  • Watchmaking
  • Jeweller’s shop
  • Jewellery
  • Goldsmithery
  • Silversmithery
  • Diamond merchant
  • Precious wood and floral marquetry

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Optimised workstations

Because of the previously described difficulties, it is essential that the workstation be stable in order to achieve quality manufacturing. That stability must be delivered by raised workstations, and increasingly by electrically height-adjustable work surfaces. Sofame’s expertise in this area has resulted in a remarkable solution for this imperative requirement. Vibrations are drastically reduced, enabling the watchmaking craftsperson to perform their work with the utmost precision.

The parts’ tiny size means that workers need optimal lighting to find the ones they need among all the parts. Lights need to be adjusted in terms of position, brightness and colour to enable precision assembly without eye strain. Lighting restrictions also extend to the work surface, which must be non-reflective so the workers can easily see and position the watches’ moving parts.

Another unique characteristic of the watchmaking trade is the need to have support for the forearms, both to ensure the best possible precision of movement and to avoid fatigue during long hours of work with maximum concentration.

Trades involved

  • Chamferer
  • Surface treatment assistant
  • Jeweller
  • Dial printer
  • Dial patterner
  • Watchmaker
  • Electroplater
  • Enameller
  • Gemologist
  • Engraver, heraldic engraver
  • Precious wood marquetry turner
  • Paillonneur
  • Polisher
  • Gemsetter
  • Specialist in skeleton work
  • Surface finisher
  • Lapidary
  • Goldsmith
  • Metal gold- or silver-plater
  • Goldbeater
  • Jeweller
  • Chain maker
  • Chiseler
  • Diamond merchant
  • Dial and metal enameller
  • Glyptician
  • Medalist
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