Recruiting at SOFAME

Recruiting at SOFAME

The company is permanently on the watch for skilled workers and is especially involved in a process of assistance with the professional development of its present or future employees.

Preserving and encouraging the culture of company’s staff :

The business culture of SOFAME’s employees, which is excellent and positive, is the firm’s most important asset, and complementing our staff with high-quality workers to maintain this mindset is a permanent objective.
The loyalty of our employees and the low rate of turnover are infallible signs that staff are happy at SOFAME and appreciate their working conditions and the general atmosphere.


Looking after working conditions :

Working conditions are a priority and are subject to a policy of continuous improvement, both at the workstation and in the communal areas.
The environment of the workstation is designed to be considerably better than required by the regulations and to ensure that the operator works in optimum ergonomic conditions. The firm collaborates closely and regularly with occupational physicians, CARSAT and ergonomists. Particular attention is given to working clothes and safety.
A cafeteria is at the disposal of staff, containing a vending machine with ridiculously low prices. This cafeteria is a favourite place for getting together in small groups during breaks or for meetings with the entire staff at various events.
An incentive scheme with an associated Company Savings Plan helps to motivate staff to contribute to the efficiency of the business.

Dialogue, listening and transparency :

Although this is not a legal requirement, the company has a Social and Economic Committee. In addition to contributing to social causes, the company is permanently in communication with staff representatives. Impartiality, a readiness to listen and an understanding of the constraints affecting each person characterize relations within the structure.
Regular information meetings are held with staff to help them keep up to date with the company’s results and prospects. The information is given in full transparency, and any questions of general interest may be asked and will invariably be answered.
The key indicators of the enterprise are published by regular displays so that all have access to the same level of information.

Training :

Training is a crucial vector of the improvement of skills, the performance of the company and the well-being and motivation of the men and women who work there.
SOFAME is involved in this aspect well upstream of recruitment; for example, it regularly opens its doors to educational establishments, during industry week and on other occasions. It has trainees at every level and from every background on placements almost all the time, and is concerned to give them a genuine mission and back-up enabling them to make the acquaintance of the world of work and to move forward professionally.
It takes apprentices and students on sandwich courses with the clearly formulated objective of recruiting them at the end of their courses.
As regards staff already employed, the effort devoted to their training is intensive. This is the consequence of listening to the expectations employees expressed during their annual interviews and how they tackle the needs of the enterprise. On this basis, an annual training plan is drawn up and rigorously adhered to. It results in development of the employee’s skills and enhanced employability.

Recruitment :

This is the subject of special attention.
It may occur when a vacancy arises or when a new post is created in the firm. In this case, the media are used to convey the message of what is being sought.
It may result from an unsolicited application received by any route: on the company’s premises, by letter, email or our internet site.
All employment applications are examined and systematically receive a reply, whether it is positive, negative or put on hold.
It occasionally happens that an application is such that it leads to the creation of a post.
We therefore invite you to express your interest and tell us what motivates you to share in the SOFAME adventure by whatever means seems best to you: personal visit, letter, email or internet site.
We undertake to give consideration to your application and to inform you of how we intend to proceed.

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