Technical training

Technical training

Professional equipment

Most of the time, employees of industrial companies have their first contact with the manufacturing world even before entering the workforce, while receiving their initial training at an educational institution.

During that initial stage, the employees-to-be come into contact with the equipment they will be using in their work. This naturally means that Sofame is perfectly placed to supply vocational training schools with their equipment.

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Trades involved

  • Vocational and technical training coach, instructor, teacher or supervisor
  • Agricultural training coach, instructor or teacher
  • Vocational and technical apprentice training centre teacher
  • Technical maritime training teacher
  • Technology training teacher
  • Apprentice training centre coach

Examples of use

  • Technological and technical training schools
  • Technological and technical training centres
  • CFA (apprentice training centres)

From standard to bespoke

As such, almost all products in Sofame’s range have a place in the school environment, from workbenches and trolleys to storage units and seats.

Sofame can also offer bespoke products to help students grasp the concept of industrial manufacturing organisation.

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