SI workbenches

The SI workbench sets the standard with its sturdy structure, quality design and compliance with regulatory standards.
Its fixed model can bear a load of 1.5T. This load has been tested at the FCBA laboratory where the load was applied to the frame, followed by all types of stress to induce deformation that had to remain within the standard’s tolerance values. Once the stress was removed, there had to be no remaining deformation. In addition to this type of test, an analysis was done on the paintwork’s durability, the absence of potential injuries while using it and the bench’s recyclability at the end of its life.
This is why the SI workbench has been awarded NF Environment, NF Technical Furniture, PEFC and GS certifications attesting to the quality of its design and manufacture.
The SI workbench is available in an impressive number of standard versions: 7 widths; 2 depths; 3 frame types: start, add-on, or with support cabinet; 15 worktop finishes; 12 colours; 3 height adjustment options: mechanical, oleopneumatic with crank handle, or electric.
The SI workbench delivers comprehensive quality. This is backed up by its 5-year warranty. The SI bench meets a vast range of industrial space equipment needs."