Worktops determine the use of a workstation.

Every trade has particular requirements, which is why it is essential to choose the right worktop.

Sofame manufactures and sells quality worktops that are highly resistant to wear and tear, and are PEFC-certified.

The wooden panels used by Sofame are sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Obtained in 2010, the PEFC certification guarantees the production chain traceability of the wood used.

There is a choice of 6 different worktops with a range of dimensions and thicknesses, as well as a range of finish options available including metal edges, and rubber, galvanised and stainless steel coatings to suit the needs of each trade.

40 mm-thick plywoodPlus d'information ?
Rubber coverings for 40 mm-thick plywood worktopPlus d'information ?
24 mm-thick plywoodPlus d'information ?
40 mm-thick hard-soft topPlus d'information ?
40 mm-thick impact resistant TaralayPlus d'information ?
45 mm-thick plywood HDPEPlus d'information ?
40 mm-thick laminated ResitopPlus d'information ?
30 mm-thick laminated ResitopPlus d'information ?
38 mm-thick melaminePlus d'information ?
28 mm-thick melaminePlus d'information ?
30 mm-thick antistatic laminated ESDPlus d'information ?