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All products

Workstations and workbenches

Sofame is the industrial workstation expert. Functionality, ergonomics, modularity, versatility, quality, reliability: these are the keywords that drive the design of our industrial manufacturing workstations that men and women use to design, transform, produce, and assemble their company’s products

  • SI workbenches
  • PTH workbenches
  • TPL tables
  • REGULOG tables
  • MODULOG workstation
  • ECOLOG / TRANSILOG workstation
  • LABOLOG workstation
  • PRECILOG workstation
  • Special workbenches
  • Workbench accessories
  • Tool cabinets
  • Worktops

Storage units

Storage is a key organisational factor in production workshops. It allows workflows to be optimised by clearing clutter in industrial or logistic spaces. In this way, it responds to the 5S method, which aims to keep workflows running smoothly.Sofame offers a wide range of storage products, such as hinged-door cabinets, clear-door cabinets, sliding-door cabinets, various interior equipment (shelves, drawers, dividers), desks, drawer cabinets, and their specific modular equipment

  • Hinged-door cabinets
  • Clear-door cabinets
  • Equipment for hinged- and clear-door cabinets
  • Fitted workshop cabinets
  • Sliding-door cabinets
  • Desk cabinets
  • ATN drawer cabinets
  • CNC storage
  • Lockers

Mobile trolleys

Our mobile trolleys have been researched, designed and manufactured to be durable for long-term usage in total security. The castors are of extremely high quality allowing for the most comfortable transportation whatever effective charge is placed on the mobile trolleys.They are modular, allowing for a maximum amount of flexibility in their usage and they adapt to the needs of the user.

  • SERVILOG industrial tool tray
  • Constant load trolleys
  • CAR trolleys
  • SV trolleys
  • SV trolleys with chest of drawers
  • SPR  331 modular frames
  • CNT frames
  • SRI frames
  • Mobile tool cabinets

Computing, meetings & displays

Our computer storage solutions allow PC equipment (towers, screens, keyboards, printers) to be integrated into the workshop. They allow for the computers to be used in the best possible conditions despite a sometimes harsh environment. They provide effective protection against dust and other objects in industrial workplaces.Despite the severe restrictions in industrial environments, they allow the user easy use of computer equipment, with good screen visibility and full access to the keyboard or printer. And at the same time, connecting your various PC equipment or plugging into the sector is as simple as possible.

  • AIC500 Computer cabinets
  • AI2005 Computer cabinets
  • AIC2009 Computer cabinets
  • PC support frame


Behind every workstation is a man or woman whose productivity in the workplace relies on good working conditions and the ergonomics of their station. That’s why, since it’s inception, Sofame has offered a wide range of seats adapted to the various modes of production.Our stools, sit and stand seats, high and standard seats, and ESD seats have all the characteristics required to respond to every trade.

  • ERGODYN 2000 stools
  • NATUR stools
  • Sit-stand seats LM2023
  • Sit-stand seats ERGOSLIM
  • Sit-stand seats AS200
  • Sit-stand seats LM2029
  • AIRPLUS ultra-comfortable seats
  • ERGOSLIM 2010 wide comfort seats
  • NATUR seats
  • ERGOSOFT 2010 seats
  • ERGODYN 2008 comfort seats
  • ERGO 2000 seats
  • ESD antistatic seats
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